Women's heels, often referred to as high heels or pumps, have a distinct anatomy designed to provide elevation and style. The key components include:

1. Heel: The elevated part of the shoe located beneath the heel of the foot. It comes in various heights and shapes, such as stilettos, wedges, or block heels.

2. Arch: The curved section under the sole that supports the foot's arch. It can vary in height and may be cushioned for comfort.

3. Sole: The bottom part of the shoe that comes in contact with the ground. It provides stability and protection to the foot.

4. Insole: The interior padding that cushions the foot for comfort and may provide arch support.

5. Toe Box: The front section where the toes rest. Toe boxes can vary in shape and size, with options like pointed, round, or open-toe designs.

6. Upper: The top part of the shoe that covers the foot. It is made from various materials, including leather, suede, or synthetic fabrics, contributing to the shoe's overall aesthetics.

picture of heel

The combination of these elements defines the unique style, comfort, and functionality of women's heels, making them a versatile choice for formal occasions, work attire, or everyday fashion.